Airlift Review | Rating |Full Story and Cast

Airlift Review | Rating |Full Story and Cast:

Airlift is a Hindi Action film directed by Raja Krishna Menon.This film features Akshay Kumar in the male lead role and Nimrat Kaur played the female lead in this film.This film is based on the war happened before 25 years and Akshay Kumar who performed extremely well in his character in this movie.

Airlift Review:

Airlift starts with the date August 1,1990 where Iraq president ordered an attack over Kuwait people and Akshay Kumar, who sticks at the place of Attack who is in urge to go home.This film based on the real story and it is shown with emotions.

Emotional part of this film makes a reality to this film and the Refugees who were in the dangerous part in Kuwait had shown their emotions.Akshay Kumar, who acted as a Rich Business Man in this film and he also one of the people in Kuwait and how he saved his life and his family and How he helped the Indian People in the Kuwait was the Plot of the Story in this film.

It is an Emotional film with the Real life incidents and it shows the life of Refugees in a correct way.This film also received good reports from all the end so it boosted the film’s success to another step.

War Scenes which make a good impact in this Bollywood film, but Songs placement which is not at the Right place in this movie.But Overall it is a masterpiece film in Bollywood and also for Akshay Kumar.


Akshay Kumar in the Lead role performed extremely well in this film and he lived with the character of Ranjith which is given to him and Director who makes a good appearance with character Narration and the real life Incident.

Actress Nimrat Kaur doesn’t make an impact on this movie because her character which is not up to the mark, but all other Supporting actors have done well in this movie and gave them 100% to this film.

This film expects a good collection all around the world after the record breaking collections in the Last month from Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani.

We request our followers to not to Download Airlift in torrent or in any other websites because it is illegal so Watch this movie in theatres…

Airlift Movie Rating (3.75/5) – Review from MoviezReview Team

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