Azhagu Kutti Chellam Review,Story and Cast

About Movie:

Azhagu Kutti Chellam is a Tamil film written and Directed by Charles.This film stars Kallori Movie Fame Akhil in the Male lead role,Karunas who playing the supporting role in this film.This film is produced by “Neeya Naana” Antony under the banner Mercury Networks.

Cinematography for the film has been handled by Vijay Armstrong who worked in the films like Pugaipadam,Mathiyosi,Thottal Thodarum.Editing of the film is done by b.Pravin Bhaskar.This film released on New year 2016.

Movie Cast:

  • Akhil as Saravanan
  • Karunas
  • Suresh
  • Thambi Ramaiah
  • Naren
  • Chetan
  • John Vijay
  • Meera Krishnan
  • Narayan
  • Riythvika
  • Vinodhini
  • Akshay

Movie Review:

Azhagu Kutti Chellam is the second children’s film in this month where Previous film Released on last week (Pasanga 2)and received extremely positive reviews from the Critics and Audiences.Azhagu Kutti Chellam received mixed responses while the movie had a Good Social message and it is a must watch for all type of audiences.This movie does not had a Big star cast but the story of the film is a plot.

Azhagu Kutti Chellam movie talks about the kids where a song featuring Prithiviraj and Kids which revealed the Love towards children.This movie is about the Several group of People from different background who were in the need of Kids and how their life connected to each other in the film.

Actor Karunas who played as a Auto Driver who had 3 Daughters and he is in the need of Boy kid and her Wife is awaiting for the birth of 4th Children and she is afraid of Karunas who love to have a boy child.

Thambi Ramaiyah who runs an orphange in the movie and a group of Eighth standard students awaiting for a stage drama about Jesus Christ birth so they were in the need of Kid who can feature in their Drama.And a pair who had lost a child in Srilankan War were also need of children in the film.And a Women who is a chess player was impregnated by a her Boyfriend and she waiting for her Boyfriend who went for International Chess Championship.

First half of the film is based on the narration Everone’s Character and the second half reveals the emotional part of the film after two kids were born.All the characters in the film had a good narration and they have been well adopted by the director.Cinematography is the pillar of the film and it have been captured well with the ability of the Cinematographer Vijay Armstrong.Music of the film is good and the title song makes impression to the audiences and all other songs which were also good.

This film reveals a good Social message from all the characters in the film and it will be a good film for the director and Neeya Naana Antony as the producer of the film.


Actor Karunas who had done a very good job with his reality as a middle class man and it will be a career best for him.He played as the Auto Driver in the film who awaits for the Boy child in the film and he already had 3 daughters.

Thambi Ramaiyah who played as the Orphange runner in the film and he delivered his excellence in the given character.A pair who awaiting for Divorce in the film turns emotional at the end of the film which makes the audience feel to them.A Women who waiting for her boyfriend played by the Actress Girisha who showed emotional with her eyes and she has also done well in the film.

A group of Eighth Standard childrens in the film were also adopted to their characters and done well with their performances.Except some of the artists who came only in the passing of the film all others done a good job in the film.Karunas who makes a notable performance in the film.

Go watch this film in the theatres and have use of this social message film…

Azhagu Kutti Chellam Movie Rating (3/5) – Review from MoviezReview Team

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