Bhooloham Review

About the Film:

Bhooloham is a Tamil Action Boxing film directed by N.Kalyana Krishnan who is the assistant Director of S.P.Jananathan.This film stars Jayam Ravi who is back after his previous blockbuster Thani Oruvan,Trisha Krishan plays the female lead in the film.This movie is based on the Boxer’s life.

Movie Cast:

  • Jayam Ravi as Bhooloham
  • Trisha as Gowri Sindhu
  • Prakash Raj as Moorthi
  • Narayan as Bhoopathy
  • Nathan Jones as Steven George
  • Arpit Ranka as Destroyer Dayal
  • Ponvannan
  • Shanmugarajan

Short Movie Review:

Bhooloham released on December 24 2015 and received mixed reviews from the audiences.According to our team review it is a good commercial entertainer.Jayam Ravi who lives in North Madras and he had a life enemy in the nearby who killed his father in boxing.So they don’t like each other and they give their names to the boxing Competition to fight each other in a Ring.Before the competition begins these two fight each other in their places all time.

In the first half of the movie there are scenes where two groups fight each other and the comedy scenes make Audience feel bored but after it slightly the movie Makes audiences enjoyable with the fight scenes.Second Half and the Intermission twist,fight scenes which were good entertaining to the audiences.Overall it is a good commercial film.

Prakash Raj who acted as Owner of a TV channel who hardly interested in Promoting his channel to a high Reputation by making a fight between the two in the competition of boxing.So Jayam Ravi and his life enemy fights each other in a ring and the enemy who got severely injured in the boxing so Jayam Ravi planned to stop boxing and then he lives a normal life but Prakash Raj who signed with many of the sponsors for the Next fight competition with Jayam Ravi not interested with Ravi’s decision and planned to back to his boxing.

So he tricked him to come back to boxing with the help of Ravi’s coach.Ravi’s Coach who have been cheated by Prakash Raj after declaring Ravi as a looser in a boxing Competition where he performed well.So Ponvannan died in the Second half of the movie.

Remaining part of the story based on the Ravi whether he came back to boxing or not and what happened between Jayam Ravi and Prakash Raj is the plot of the story.And the Foreign Boxer who came to India for the boxing competition acted well in his role and his fight scenes with Ravi is mind blowing.Director who made good movie with the Boxer’s life.Dialouges in this film which is a great positive for the film.Dialogues were written by Director S.P.Jananathan.

Jayam Ravi’s Climax dialogue about boxer’s life is very Emotional and he talks about the media and there is a very good social message at the end of the film.


Actor Jayam Ravi who played the male lead have worked hard for this film.His character is very difficult to act but he done really well with his skills and also he increased 15kg’s for this movie.Trisha who also done a very good job with the given role to her.She does not have more scenes in the film but her character moves around the film.

Actor Ponvannan as the coach of Jayam Ravi had done a good supporing role in the film.Prakash Raj acted in the Negative role in this film and his character which is a powerful character as a TV owner.Nathan Jones who is a Hollywood Actor done very good job in this film with his skills.His boxing scenes with Jayam Ravi is a plot of the story and it have worked very well.Nathan Jones in the Tamil cultural dress is amazing in the film and his acting other than fight scenes also loved by the audiences.

All other artists in the film also done very well with their performances.Actor Jayam Ravi tasted his 3rd hit in this year with the films Romeo Juliet,Thani Oruvan and Bhooloham.Stay tuned for more updates about this movie..

Bhooloham Movie Rating (2.75/5) – Review from MoviezReview Team

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