Bhooloham vs Pasanga 2

Bhoolaham Vs Pasanga 2 Overview:

BoolohamPasanga 2
CastJayam Ravi,Trisha,Nathan Jones,Prakash Raj,N.SanthanamSurya,Amala Paul,Bindu Madhavi,Karthi Kumar,Kavi,Abiman,Nayana
GenresAction and Drama FimFamily and Drama Film

Which One is Best Bhooloham or Pasanga 2:

Both movies are released during the Christmas Festival.Both movies are getting good reviews from audience.Already we mentioned above Bhooloham is a Action film and Pasanga 2 is a Family film.So if you like action just go to the Booloham or You are a family man and you like family films goto the Pasanga 2 film.


Box Office for Bhooloham and Pasanga 2:

Both films are getting good box office reports.But Bhooloham got better box office than Pasanga 2.Because Booloham 2nd half is very intersting and it is an action film so liked by Youngsters.Pasanga 2 also very fantastic film but it is an family film so only it got less box office collection compared to Booloham.

Ticket Booking for Booloham and Pasanga 2:

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Now both movies are running in the theaters you acn easily book the tickets through these link we already included.

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