Kavvintha (2016) Review, Rating, Full Story and Cast

About Movie:

Kavvintha is a Telugu Love story film written and directed by Vijay Chowdary Tripuraneni.This film features Vijay Datla in the male lead role and Deeksha Panth played the female lead in the film.Music for this film have been composed by  Sunil Kashyap and this movie is produced by Puvvula Srinivasarao.It is a low budget film with no big star cast released on 8.1.2016.

Movie Cast:

  • Vijay Datla
  • Deeksha Panth
  • Allari Subbhashini
  • Ambati Sreenivas
  • Dhanraj Sukhram
  • Jabardasth Sreenu
  • LB Sriram
  • Naveen Neni
  • Raghu Karumachi

The above mentioned Movie Actor and Actresses were only a few of them more than this many Artists were acted in the film.

Movie Review:

It is a love story film revolves around Vijay Dalta.Seenu(Vijay)who lives a happy life in his village.He had a huge love with Rani(Deeksha Panth) but the parents of Rani who rejects the their love because of no job for Seenu and he has no responsibility in his life.

And another plot of the story is about Don,who expands his fake currency business in the village where Seenu lives in and Don,who stored his fake currency in that village taken from Pakistan.And what happen to him was one of the stories in the film.

How Seenu gets into trouble in his life and what happen to his love was one plot and what happened to Don,who stored fake currency in a village was another plot of the story.The main plus point of this film is two impressive stories.

Two Romantic songs in this film have been captured well by Cameraman and the climax and Interval scenes were very interesting part of the film.The two stories were also impressive and makes a good appearance in the film.

Even though there are two stories the weight of the film is not enough and screenplay of the film is easily predictable to audiences and it is a major drawback for this film.Villain character which is also not upto the mark and his character,also not powerful.Some of the Adult comedies which does not impress the audiences and it should have been avoided.Item songs in this film disturbs the story and it also irritates audiences.

And there are lots of logic loop holes in this film and it is also a major drawback and the scenes can be predicted easily in the film.Camerawork in the film is very good with village background and two romantic songs which is very good for the film.It is a one time watchable film because of the camera work and music.


None of the characters in the film have impressed audiences and director who disappointed the audience with his narration of the story.Vijay Dalta who not impressed in the story but Actress Deeksha Panth who makes a good appearance with her beauty and she steals the show with her romantic scenes and songs of the film.

We request our followers not to download Kavvintha movie in torrent or in any external website because it is illegal.So watch this movie once in theatres…

Kavvintha Movie Rating (2.25/5) – Review from MoviezReview Team

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