Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam Review,Story and Cast

About Movie:

Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam is a Tamil Romantic Drama film written by Selvaraghavan and Directed by his wife Geetanjali Selvaraghavan.This film features Balakrishna  Kola in the Male lead role  and Wamiqa Gabba plays the female lead in the  film.Editing of the film is done by Rukesh and the Cinematography  of the film is handled by Sridhar.This film is produced under the banner BeepStone Studios.

Movie Cast:

  • Balakrishna Kola as Prabhu
  • Wamiqa Gabbi as Manoja

Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam Review:

Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam released on New Year 2016 and received mixed reviews from the Audiences and Critics.Audiences enjoyed the reality in the film and the characters done by the Artists who were lived in the film and it shows their  dedication in their Debut film.

Heroine Wamiqa Gabbi who had affair with a boy but fails to get married to him and due to family force she was married to Balakrishna who played the male lead in the film.After marriage these two were opposite in the characters and how they reacted to their situation will be a plot.

It is a love story in reality and cannot  expect any duplication from the director in this film.Hero who is the middle class man likes to have parties,dating etc and more interested in enjoying his life and He falls in love with a girl who loves the man fulfilling her Mother’s Dreams.These two characters meet each other and they are totally opposite in character and Heroine who not love the character of the hero.

They both fight each other because of opposite characters and hardly finds to accept each other and how they involved in their marriage and what happens to their love story was the plot of the story in the film.

This movie has more content that only adults can watch and Jokes which also had adult content.Dialouges of the film is not apt but one had to understand that this movie reacts with the reality of life.Cinematographer Sridhar  had done well to show the visuals with his ability.This movie which is a heroine oriented and it revolves around the female lead in the film.This film concentrates on Emotional Parts more than the joy.

Music of the film is delightful to the film and his Background Score which also nice addition to the reality of the film.Songs failed to catch the Audience pulses in the film.


Balakrishna who played the male lead in the film and Wamiqa Gabbi who played the female lead in the film both were done  a good job in their characters.Wamiqa Gabbi is the pick who had lived in her character and done a fantastic job in the movie.

It is a Heroine Oriented movie where previous films of selvaraghavan which were also Heroine Subject Movies have continued in this film also and done a very good job in the Writing and Direction.Balakrishna Kola as the middle class man nicely suited in his character.

Notable performance in the Film is Debutant Wamiqa Gabbi where she has done extremely well with the character given to her.

Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam Movie Rating (2.75/5) – Review from MoviezReview Team

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