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About Movie:

Nenu Sailaja is a Telugu Romantic Drama film written and Directed by Kishore Tirumala.This film features Ram Pothineni in the male lead role and Keerthi Suresh playing the female lead in the film.This film is produced by Ravi Kishore under the banner Sri Sravanthi movies.Editing of the film is done by Sreekar Prasad and Cinematography of the film is handled by Sameer Reddy.This film has been released on January 1 2016.

Movie Cast:

  • Ram Pothineni as Hari
  • Keerthi Suresh as Sailaja
  • Sathyaraj
  • Rohini
  • Pradeep Rawat
  • Prince
  • Naresh
  • Srimukhi
  • Rajasree Nair
  • Pragathi

Movie Review:

Nenu Sailaja released on 1st January 2016 and received extremely positive reviews from the Critics and as well as from the audiences.This film is based on the Relationship between father and Daughter and as well as the Romantic Drama.

Sathyaraj who is the father of Keerthy Suresh,who gone out of the house and cannot make it to the Birthday party of her daughter when she was a small girl and He sends Ring as a gift and it is too large for her finger and she throws out in frustration,And Ram finds the Ring and he makes the ring shrink with the help of thread and kept it in the window and the girl was happy with the Ring which suits her Finger.

It makes a nice gesture between Ram and Keerthy in the film and When she has grown up,she planned to make an ad with the scene that happened in her childhood.Ram loves Keerthy at once but he never opens about his love to Keerthy.

At once Ram opens about his love to Keerthy but she Rejects and Ram was upset about this,but he had another chance to win back his love with the clue given to him.What is the clue?And whether he wins his love or not is the Remaining part of the story.

The first half of the film is very refreshing with the necessary interesting parts in the film while the Second Half deals with the family and Emotions in the film.Actor Ram and Keerthy Suresh both had good chemistry with each other and it looks fresh watching both on the screen.And the minus point of this movie is screenplay is easily predictable and Second half of the movie lacks while compared to the first half of the film.

The Story of the film revolves around Keerthy Suresh and her character which nicely suited.Dialouges of the film must be mentioned because it is simple and sweet connecting nicely in the film.Director had done well with his narration of a simple story in the most entertaining way.

It is a simple Romantic story with top noted performances from the artists and from the Technicians.Camera work of the film is fantastic and DSP music which gives good energy to the movie and there is no unnecessary disturbances in the movie with music.BGM of the film also notable and song visuals have been shoted well.Art director also done a very good job with the Sets in the film.

Overall,it is a good Romantic entertaining film with necessary Masala elements as well as Family Emotions and more.So it will be a worth to watch in the theatres to give a refreshing joy to our Mind.


Actor Ram Pothineni had done a good job with his acting skills and Malayali Actress Keerthy Suresh looks good with her pair and it is very refreshing to see both on the screen.Sathyaraj who played as the father of Keerthy Suresh had also done done well with his performance in the film.Rohini who also acted as Supporting actress in the movie.Pradeep Rawat who played as an antagonist in the film.

Along with this Prince,Naresh,Sri Mukhi and Pragthi were also done a good job with their supporting cast in the film.Sathyaraj with his emotions and the relationship with her daughter in the film makes more emotional to the audiences.And it will be a good Entering to Telugu Cinema for Keerthy Suresh.She had rocked with her performance in the film and she will have blasting blessings in the coming years.

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Nenu Sailaja Movie Rating (3.25/5) – Review from MoviezReview Team

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