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About the Film:

Pasanga 2:Haiku / Memu is a Tamil/Telugu Children’s film directed By Pandiraj who Directed Pasanga Part 1.Kavin, Nayana and Abhiman, all newcomers were playing in the children’s roles in the film.This movie is produced by Actor Surya under 2D Films banner.

This Movie is the Second Movie of Surya as Producer and this film also dubbed into Telugu Titled as Memu.First the Title of the Film is announced as Haiku but due to Tax excemptions the Films title have been changed to Pasanga 2.Cinematography for the film is handled by Balasubramaniyam.And the editing of the film is done by Praveen K.L.This movie released on 24th December 2015

Movie Cast:

  • Nishesh
  • Baby Vaishnavi
  • Aarush
  • Karthik Kumar
  • Bindu Madhavi
  • Vidya Pradeep
  • Ramdoss
  • Suriya (extended cameo)
  • Amala Paul (extended cameo)

Short Movie Review:

Pasnaga 2 which is released on 24th December 2015 and received extremely positive reviews from the audiences as well as from the Critics.This movie is a must watch for parents who are willing to care their children in a good manner.This movie opened with a Boy who completes 7 rounds in a running race with last place.And he have been awarded a prize for his non stop running even he had lost his prize in the race.Then two families who have children called Kavin and Nayana.These two children who had changing their schools for every year due to their over mischief.

After  around 7 years of Children both the families who have moved to a new apartment and there also children who were mischief with Seceratery.So their Parents planned to join them in Hostel and leave them at the hostel.They were very much disappointed about the separation of their Children.

And one day they have been sent out of hostel due to Mischief in hostel so their Parents have beaten them for their mischief.So they have been out of home and they find Surya and Amala Paul in the same apartment and they take care of these children with their children.So they liked them and Surya who was the boy shown at the opening of the film now working as the Cycatist Doctor and Amala Paul who have been appearing as a Teacher.

Surya asked the Two children’s parents take them to his Cycatist clinic and there he realized that Parents need the counseling about caring their Childrens.And Amala Paul take care of these children in her school who does not care about Studies.

At last the film which says a good message to the audiences that Parents who need to take care of their children and they did not have any disease due to Mischief and it is normal for all the children to have a mischief.So Go with your family to this film and make use of it.It is a good Social Message film conveyed to Audiences with the Director Pandiraj.Hats off to Pandiraj.

Pasanga 2 – Proud of Indian Cinema


First the two children’s who have done a very good job with their Acting and they deserve a National Award definitely.Then the Two Parents Karthik Kumar and Bindhu Madhavi,Munis Kanth and Vidya had also done a good job in the film.Karthik kumar and Bindhu Madhavi pair does not make an impression to the Audiences but Munis kanth and Vidya pair who made their roles Superbly.

Actor Surya who comes in the Extended cameo role in the film who adds more color to this film.His cast in the film will help to reach the film to all the audiences.His dedication to this movie shown in his acting.

And all the artists in the film worked in the film to reach the social message to all the audiences and they haven’t worked for the commercial success of the film.Amala Paul also dedicated her role role to the film and all other cast in the film which also more important for the success of the film.

Climax dialogues in the film make audiences cry for their children definitely and the bird story in climax melted the audiences.And all the audiences had a great surprise at the climax of the film that never expected.Go watch it in theatres to know the suspense and We are not going share that now.

This movie is a must watch for all the Audiences and it is not targeting a separate group of audiences.Keep following us for more movie updates and box office collections of the movies.

I request all the followers of our website to watch this movie in Theatres and to Support this Film

Pasanga 2 Movie Rating (4.25/5) – Review from MoviezReview Team

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