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About Movie:

Tharkappu is a Tamil Action thriller movie written and Directed by Debutant director R.P.Ravi.This film features Sakthi Vasudevan who is back after long gap and Samuthirakani who is also playing the lead role in this film.This film is produced by Dr.L.Selvamuthu under the banner Kinetoscope Production.Editing of the film is done by San Lokesh and Cinematography of the film is handled by Jones Anand.This movie released on January 1 2016.

Movie Cast:

  • Shakthi Vasudevan
  • Samuthirakani
  • Sathish Krishnan
  • Vatsan Chakravarthy
  • Vaishali Deepak
  • Amitha
  • Riyaz Khan
  • Ganesh Prasath
  • Kebi Raj

Movie Review:

Tharkappu released on January 1 2016 and received extremely Mixed reviews from critics and as well as from the Audiences.This film carries a nice social message against killing Humans under the Encounter.

This film starts with the a Police who planned to kill Sakthi in Bangalore Junction when the car passes the junction.And two couples who were at that place of Encounter planned.And why the police want to kill Sakthi and what happened to 2 Couples who were at the place is the remaining part of the film.

The Debutante director needs a Hats off definitely for coming with the story against killing humans under encounters.Actor Samuthirakani adds more color to this film.Director who have worked hard and made a good impact with audiences to make the film about social causes.His writing and screenplay which is well suited for the film and the story is not preaching to audiences.

Director shown the differentiation in the Police Department that who were acting with the words of Political persons and killing a human for their personal problems and Police who actively take part in the department with their honesty to follow rules.And he had two side of the department in the film.The screenplay of this film is made of Surprise elements with Investigation and the Encounter planning elements which were nicely shown in the film and there also more interesting parts in the film which satisfies all type of Audiences.

The first half of the film which narrates the half characters in suspenses and  the second half of the film reveals the story of the film and there will be a suspense in every scene and absent of full length songs makes the audience to frustrate at some time.Director takes a large time to explain two love stories in the film and it is the background of the story so it cannot be avoided in the film and it will only reveal how two pairs will be at the encounter place.

Director mistakes to show how the character of Sakthi gets caught in this way with huge police force and how they managed to make this force which should have been shown better in the screenplay to have more energetic in the scenes.Climax fights which are made with more reality and they not managed to have any big fight scenes in the movie so it will affect the movie in commercial basis but director who likes to convey a message through this film and budget of the film also a matter for this cause in the film.

Art Director has done a very good job in the film because this film had many locations and he worked hard to show reality  in the screen.Songs of the film have been composed by F.s.Faizil and it does not make notable to the audiences and it is just a passing by to the movie.Cinematographer done a good job in the night sequences with proper lighting in the film and it is more commandable to the movie.

Overall,it is a good Action thriller movie with necessary suspenses and also interesting screenplay and worth a watch in theatre for two main leads Sakthi and Samuthirakani.


Sakthi who is known for his movies like “Thootal poo malarum” , “Aatanayagan” played the male lead in the film and he nicely suited to the character in the film.His body languages and acting skills were worth to watch.He is an underrated actor in our Tamil Industry and he should be given chances to prove himself as a good Actor.And he should choose good scripts to become success in his career.

Samuthirakani done well with his character as usual and his powerful Dialogues and Body Language.He acted as an Investigator from Human Rights Organisation and his conversation with Police departments must be given applauds.His Voice makes the dialogue to reach every centre and the powerful mannerism which also makes notable in the film.Samuthirakani will rock with the character given to him and this veteran should work in lower budget films to give a good commercial success to any film.

Sathish,Vatsan,Vaishali Deepak and Amitha all were done well with the characters given to them.Love scenes which are not as good in the film but the dialogues in the film gives a nice addition to the film.

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Tharkappu Movie Rating (3/5) – Review from MoviezReview Team

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